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Aegis Medical Care is a Dialysis network in Singapore, Cambodia and expanding in Asia. 8 Locations in Singapore and 1 location in Cambodia, headed by Dr Chew Chan Yong, Dr Stephen Chew, the team had over 25 years of experience in medical services for kidney patients in Asia.
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8 Dialysis Centre In Singapore

Having 8 Dialysis centre in Singapore meaning our patients can find the nearest location from their home and not having to travel too far.

Over 25 years of Experience

Dr. Stephen Chew and Dr. Ho Chee Khun have each more than 25 years of experience in medical services for kidney patients in Singapore.

Family Friendly Environment

All AMC facilities are family friendly, meet and exceed the standards established by the Medical and Medicaid Services Center for Dialysis Treatment.

Welcome to Aegis Medical Care

Aegis Medical Care aims to provide the best services to our patients and families. We are one of the trusted dialysis center in Singapore and having 8 centers located around the island and 1 center in Phnom Penh, Cambodia opening in 1st quarter 2020, we make sure all our patients are well taken care of by professional nurses.




Dialysis Centers


Professional Staff

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